The company

True Italian Excellence


The Binacci family has been involved in agriculture since 1990 , in fact it began with the breeding of animals and the cultivation of fodder.

Franco and Giulia, the founders, created the Agriturismo La Contessa a few years later, dealing with hospitality and catering with the raw materials obtained from the farm. The 5 ears, the highest regional recognition for agritourism activities, unequivocally define the quality of the company standards.

Alessio, the third of three children, who took over the management of the company, acquires the company's organic certificate for both zootechnics and vegetable crops, confirming the quality standards maintained up to that moment. It also adds the production and transformation in the company of the most valuable product of the area, the truffle .

Today Alessio mainly deals with the production and processing of both fresh and preserved truffles under the Milordo Tartufi brand, from his organic company.


The company has not lost its main essence of hospitality, fodder and livestock production, however a substantial branch is now dedicated to the production and transformation of the prized Italian truffle , in all its variations.

The company geolocation should be underlined, in fact the 25-hectare property stands in an uninhabited and uncontaminated valley from any source of pollution . Furthermore, the proximity to protected natural parks guarantees environmental protection even from the smallest possible source of pollution.
In fact, it is frequent to meet wild animals such as wolves, hares, fallow deer, roe deers, badgers, hedgehogs, squirrels, foxes, porcupines, wild boars, etc. which live peacefully and undisturbed here.

The precious truffle is harvested in this context both within the property, where there are many truffle-producing trees, and in the adjacent areas, where truffles grow wild in large quantities . After harvesting, the truffle is selected and processed according to local tradition, creating delicious and authentic truffle products.