The difference between my sauces and those of the competition is that mine have a truffle flavor that is very close to the real thing. By working the best truffles in the area without adding artificial flavourings , the result I get is a scent and a flavor corresponding to that of fresh truffles.

However, the aroma of my products is less strong/perfumed than the average commercial product, as it is crammed full of artificial white truffle chemical aroma, the finest and most fragrant truffle in existence, extra-concentrated. Sometimes, these "lab" sauces smell more fragrant than the white truffle itself. The chemical industry is able to separate the molecule (bismethylthiomethane) from crude oil, if I'm not mistaken, or from some of its derivatives, solubilize it in extra virgin olive oil and thus obtain the white truffle aroma. In fact, the white truffle naturally already has the same molecule in itself, but in very much smaller percentages, but in essence the molecule is exactly the same. The big producers use it inappropriately, sometimes obtaining a concentration of the molecule even higher than the white truffle itself, which is why their sauces are more fragrant than mine, but in fact they are chemical products (the molecule is extracted with a chemical solvent). This exaggeration in the dosage, which they also use to easily overcome the sterilization process, which in itself involves a reduction of the aroma, is what causes unpleasant discomfort, bad digestions and reproaches.

I extract the "truffle juice" with a cold mechanical process, a bit like the real traditional extra virgin olive oil mills, only that I use a different method. Starting from a selected raw material. In this way I obtain a more natural, healthier and also more digestible product.

Alessio Binacci (CEO Milord Group)